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Rock This House: A Super Junior Exclusive Roleplay
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image credits to: La'MISS:fairy at juniorsource.com & SJ CLUB Pingbook Thailand

This is an exclusively-Super Junior roleplay community. :D It's here for entertainment purposes, so feel free to read as all entries are public. Logs shall be posted and we're writing for Super Junior fans in general. However, don't add the muse journals or try to join the comm (though you may watch). You won't be accepted because this is a community/forum created for just the muses. ^^; Thank you.

★★Interested in Joining?★★
If you'd like to pick up a muse, send an email stating who you want to be and how much experience you've had roleplaying to: in.a.cloud.x [at] gmail.com or kassatsu [at] gmail.com. Thank you. :>

★★The Moderators★★
ryeo_wook and fly_far01

★★Notes on Navigating the Entries★★
★ Personal entries are categorized by muse names in the memories
★ Logs are categorized by pairing names in the memories
★ All entries personal and logs are to be posted within the community.

★★For Player Reference★★
★★Living Conditions★★
★★[ As decided by the muses. ]★★
★One complex, two apartments on one floor, three bedrooms★
★Apartment #1:★
HanKyung, HeeChul
YehSung, RyeoWook
KangIn, EeTeuk

★Apartment #2: ★
Shiwon, Kibum
HyukJae, DongHae
SungMin, KyuHyun, ShinDong

★★The Cast★★
★EeTeuk - bokchil
★HeeChul - Available
★HanKyung - Available
★YehSung - choisiwon
★KangIn - gado
★ShinDong - Available
★SungMin - Available
★EunHyuk - dakiyoseru
★ShiWon - Available
★DongHae - Available
★RyeoWook - tinybluemarble
★KiBum - shinya
★KyuHyun - aeri__iijiri

★★Post Criteria★★
★ Subject Line ★
[LOG] :: muse1/muse2 :: rating :: date :: timeframe


★ place under a cut with a brief description if it is a log ★

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