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Rock This House: A Super Junior Exclusive Roleplay's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Rock This House: A Super Junior Exclusive Roleplay

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[MOD] [29 Nov 2006|11:54pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

The comm seems to be inactive... And I've contributed. My apologies. But I hope to revamp it soon with the other mod. In two weeks after the quarter ends. What does everybody else think about this comm? What to do? I'm just not sure if I can be a good mod for it anymore.. :| We never had that group chat rp thing. Any ideas? Throw them at me.

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drop [17 Oct 2006|01:24pm]

>>; In case anyone didn't notice my inactivity... xD; I'm sorry, guys. But Rella can't be active and I think it's unfair to hold up this spot. >>; I'm sure there are plenty of other people who'd like to pick him up. Good luck!

>>; Ka, Rella wants YoungOon hugs before he leaves.
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[personal] [20 Aug 2006|01:52pm]

[ mood | sad ]

fuck you...

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[ mod ] [16 Aug 2006|06:14pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I apologize for my.. inactiveness >__>; I should be a better mod-figure or something.. I'll try tobe more active, but school has started, and my online time is minimum... so bare with me ne?

Cin will be back in a few weeks... I kind of lost count for how many weeks she's been gone but yeah.

Must go now. Homework >_>;
Me and Hyuk have the best wishes for Chul and Donghae. <3

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notice of unavailability [14 Aug 2006|07:04pm]

AC adaptor is dead. :| We'll be gone until a little after the 21st. See you all then. Sorry if anyone wanted to scene with Rella or YunHo.
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[personal] [14 Aug 2006|02:06am]

heheCollapse )
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ooc [13 Aug 2006|12:15pm]

I posted a brief paraphrasing of HeeChul's sister's cyworld entries here. It'll give you a better understanding of what his condition is like. :x
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[drop] [12 Aug 2006|08:31pm]

I'm going to have to drop SungMin from this community.
I felt like I was pressured to join it, and I just don't see myself getting into it anytime soon.
I'm sorry, and it was fun while it lasted.
I sincerely hope you guys will find a better SungMin mun soon (:
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[ooc] [12 Aug 2006|02:28pm]

Just letting you all know where our SuJu should be right now.

I don't know when Hae's coming back, but I'm pretty sure the rest are in Seoul.

Rella's stuck in the hospital. Visit, maybe? 8D; He's kinda lonely.
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[ooc] [10 Aug 2006|06:16pm]

Chat's open: sujuchat

im ni xx hao xx ma for an invite or you can invite yourself in.
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[ooc] [10 Aug 2006|04:38am]

:| I call a group chat. Tonight, 6:00 my time. That's 4:00 pacific and 7:00 eastern. We really need to figure out what the hell's going on with DongHae, Rella, and the rest of the SuJu boys concerning recent events. Visit super_junior to see what I'm talking about when I say Rella. I don't feel right doing scenes when it seems so many of us are doing different things. And Rella is definitely going to need scening.
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[08 Aug 2006|12:35pm]

I'm bored.

[ OOC; We're back \:D/ ]
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OOC: NEW [07 Aug 2006|08:06pm]

Kyuhyun has made it to the building =D

go message him if you want to talk to him at:

He has another two hours before I have to go do some minor things for about 40 minutes @@;;
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[ooc] [07 Aug 2006|05:28pm]

[ mood | tired ]

_ _; Okay, so my AC adaptor is being stupid. >>; Right now it works, but it's being fickle. _ _; Until I'm sure it's okay again, this is a notice of unavailability. ;; Rella might not be available as often. uxu Sorry to KangIn~

(this applies to YunHo, too, btw)

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[Personal] [06 Aug 2006|04:20am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hm... seems I've been thinking way too much these days.

Let's hangout sometime soon, you guys?

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Dropping [03 Aug 2006|02:25pm]

Unfortunately I'm going to have to take HanKyung out of the game. He's just not active enough and we're not very attached to this game. I'm sorry for the inconvienience. ^^; It was fun while it lasted.
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[personal] [01 Aug 2006|12:39am]

i just wanted to make a few things clear.

the concern is really moving, but i'm fine. my leg is better already. i was just tired, just like all of us, i guess. i'm sorry for making you worry and also for failing you at the performance. even though i was tired (and hungry wtf! >.> no food!!!) i didn't do my best. super junior is a unity, a family if you will, and if i'm not there to do what i can, who will be?

also, i'm sorry for my recent case of emoing out in the house as well. we don't need any more shit right now, i know. Heechul, thank you. really. and i'm sorry for being a burden. but i'm back :D

however, i'm not sorry for what i said on the radio show. i meant ever single fucking (Eeteuk, i apologize for my swearing) word and if people can't see how much energy, work and emotion we all put into this they should simply keep their mouths shut (or their fingers away from the keyboard).

Everyone has their ups and downs and so do we, except ours are public. but i'm proud of us and i hope that our fans will be too. i love them. i love you. you're my family~

/Kim YoungOon (band-appa and king)
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OOC [30 Jul 2006|07:49pm]

We're back. ^^;
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[personal] [31 Jul 2006|07:10am]

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Well. Whaddya know.
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[personal] [29 Jul 2006|10:58pm]

If You Ruled the Land . . . by wackyweasel
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this is your king for ya

personal but heechul can read it if he wants toCollapse )

privateCollapse )
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